Guided self-diagnosis Monitor your vital signs, breathing and blood pressure.


Our easy-to-use home monitoring solutions bring much needed monitoring of vital signs to your home. Our focus is on the respiratory and circulatory systems.

We combine cost-effective piezoresistive strain gauge sensors with sophisticated sensor fusion systems that communicate directly with smartphones, smart watches and other intelligent devices.

The first home monitoring solution that will be available online and from specialist retailers from 2021, is aimed at the medically precise measurement of the respiratory circulation. Extensive medical research results and findings prove that respiratory signals and patterns are reliable indicators of general health, lung diseases and sleep disorders.

Therefore, regular health checks and continuous monitoring of the respiratory circulation are important for early diagnosis and maximizing treatment outcomes. STBL Medical Research AG has invested years of extensive laboratory research to develop a telemedical respiratory monitor based on a worldwide novel patented non-invasive piezoresistive strain gauge technology.



Soon you will have it in your own hands - measure your breathing with medical precision!


24h/7 cuffless blood pressure monitoring for at home and on the road