The turn of the millennium marked a significant change in the digital health care world. The arrival of the term eHealth was only an external sign of the arriving changes. (1)

00s - eHealth, Digital Health and mHealth

At a conference in Sydney in 1999 John Mitchell gave the following definition of the term eHealth:

Cost-effectiveness of telemedicine and telehealth improves considerably when they are part of an integrated use of telecommunications and information technology in the health sector. … a new term needed to describe the combined use of electronic communication and information technology in the health sector... the use in the health sector of digital data - transmitted, stored and retrieved electronically - for clinical, educational and administrative purposes, both at the local site and at distance» (2).

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From Telematics to mHealth: Definition of Terms

In the last 40 years or so, digitization in the health sector has made great strides. The establishment and global spread of Personal Digital Assistants - PDAs for short - in the 1990s led to the first major push in this area, although this was still concentrated primarily on the professional sector. The spread of smartphones and the possibility of installing solutions on a wide range of end devices and platforms triggered a global boom in the private sector as well.
So far, the definitions of terms have hardly been able to keep pace with these developments. There is still no uniform definition set. This goes so far that different legal texts interpret terms diametrically differently.
In the following, we give a short historical overview of how the terms have developed over time.

70s - Telematics

At the beginning of the development was telematics. Telematics is derived from the Greek word "Telos" and means "far away". Telematics is an artificial word that is made up of telecommunications and computer science. Telematics can be found in many areas of life. Four main categories have emerged: Industry Telematics, Vehicle Telematics, Human Telematics and M2M Telematics (Machine to Machine).

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marktstudie e

Since 2013, sales from the mHealth market have been rising continuously. The global size of the mHealth market is expected to grow to $316.8 billion by 2027. Especially for the USA a strong increase in the importance of mHealth is predicted. The term mHealth, also known as Mobile Health, stands for the support of medical procedures and health care measures through devices such as smartphones, tablets or personal digital assistants (PDA) as well as lifestyle and health applications that can be operated via sensors (sources graphic: own presentation, data from various market institutes).

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Covid-19 has evolved into a pandemic affecting around 4 mio. individuals and killing three hundred thousand of patients up to now. In a first phase, for those infected mild or more severe symptoms evolve such as myalgias, fever, cough as well as taste and smell loss. A minority will progress in a second phase characterized by breathlessness, severe fatigue and exercise imcompetence requiring hospitalization in most such cases and in some intensive management including ventilation.

Monitoring Covid 19 

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