Our Purpose

UNDA24 is a brand of the Swiss medical technology company STBL Medical Research AG. With its innovative digital vital data solutions, STBL aims to make an important and cost-effective contribution to preventive health care for people in their private environment. We live in a time of constantly rising healthcare costs, which is also characterized by a growing shortage of GPS and the associated lower density of doctors. In this environment, we want to enable patients to take their health and the necessary data collection into their own hands using our telemedical solutions until the moment when medical care is really needed.

The word "unda" comes from the Greek and means "wave". It symbolizes the pulse wave, which is one of the four vital signs of the body. The addition of "24" in UNDA24 indicates that our medically precise home monitoring solutions can be used around the clock, anywhere, by yourself and without complications.

Our vision

STBL Medical Research AG makes a significant contribution to the global digital transformation process of the healthcare system. We develop and market innovative Telemedia solutions for home prophylactic screening and monitoring for professional respiratory diagnostics and treatment.
At affordable prices, STBL offers equally accessible solutions with unsurpassed medical functions for diag-nosis and treatment, monitoring comfort and patient mobility for private individuals and medical professionals - anywhere and anytime.