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Do you suffer from respiratory problems and do not know why?

Do you sleep badly and want to find out the reason?

Are you looking for a simple solution to detect health problems early on?

Do you have to measure your breathing regularly for medical reasons (telemedical examination)?

Discover now the world novelty from Switzerland from Unda24:


Finally you can reliably measure your breathing yourself and get medically precise results.

The corona pandemic has clearly shown us how important our respiratory and lung function is. Regular monitoring of breathing is necessary for many people. The measured values are an important decision-making aid for the early detection and treatment of widespread diseases such as:

  • respiratory diseases such as asthma or COPD
  • sleep disorders such as sleep apnea (OSA, CSA)
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Strong overweight

The advantages of Resunda24 at a glance:

  • First professional home monitoring solution with continuous monitoring of the respiration, one of the four most important vital functions
  • Professional, medically precise measurement like at the doctor's office or in hospital
  • High comfort due to chest strap or medical self-adhesive disposable plaster
  • Integrated biometric sensor that measures the mechanical breathing patterns directly on the upper body
  • Wireless day and night monitoring, usable over several days, no restrictions in everyday life
  • AHI index, thoracic-abdominal index
  • Data transmission via app to doctor/hospital
  • Immediate warning function on the chest strap or patch for critical values
  • Available at low cost in pharmacies and online shops (market launch planned for 2021)

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